Gertz Fine Homes is proud to present this small collection of our past accomplishments. These are just a few of the results we strive for on every home we construct. They cannot fully illustrate the intense drive for perfection and attention to detail we dedicate to each one. But we will commit the same faithfulness of effort to you toward completing your dream home every step of the way.
Each of the completed homes we illustrate is an available plan from our inventory.  Every such plan can be modified in any way to better suit your individual needs or constraints of a homesite. Or simply rest assured that any of our existing available homes you might be considering has received the same care and consideration that resulted in these.

Thank you for your interest in Gertz Fine Homes!
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The Martin 3-car
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The Bobwhite
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The Robin
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The Petrel
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The Swallow III
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The Phoenix
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The Sanderling
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The Vireo
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The Green Dragon
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The Blackhawk
front view of The Avocet home plan
The Avocet
front view of The Cardinal home plan
The Cardinal
front view of the Condor home plan
The Condor
photo of the Cormorant home plan
The Cormorant
front photo of The Falcon III home plan
The FalconIII
front photo of the Original Falcon home plan
The Original Falcon
a view of The Gannet home plan
The Gannet
photo of a completed Greyhawk home plan
The Greyhawk
photo of a completed Kestrel home plan
The Kestrel
photo of the Original Kingfisher home plan
The Original Kingfisher
photo of the Original Kingfisher home plan
The Original Kingfisher
Photo of a completed Kingfisher home plan by Gertz Fine Homes
The Kingfisher
Photo of a completed Kingfisher Three-car home plan
The Kingfisher Three-car
photo of a completed Martin home plan
The Martin
photo of a completed Meadowlark II home plan
The (new) Meadowlark
photo of a completed Night Hawk home plan
The NightHawk
a completed Oriole home plan by Gertz Fine Homes
The Oriole
a completed Osprey home plan
The Osprey
photo of a Peregrine home plan
The Peregrine
photo of a completed Petrel home plan
The Petrel
Photo of The Roadrunner home plan by Gertz Fine Home
The Roadrunner
photo of a completed Sandpiper home plan by Gertz
The Sandpiper
a completed Skylark home plan
The Skylark
The original Swallow by Gertz Fine Homes
The Original Swallow
a completed Tanager home plan
The Tanager
photo of the Thrush home plan
The Thrush
photo of the Thuy home plan
The Thuy
photo of a completed Turnstone home plan
The Turnstone
photo of a completed BobWhite home plan
The BobWhite
photo of a completed Green Dragon home plan
The Green Dragon
photo of a completed Shearwater home plan
The Shearwater
photo of a completed Thrush Cottage home plan
The Thrush Cottage
photo of a completed Vireo home plan
The Vireo
photo of a completed Pintail home plan
The Pintail
The Whippoorwill
A Custom Home
Custom Home
Custom Home